Used Yachts for Sale

We are a premium yacht company in Dubai. Consisting of the most luxurious and high-end used yachts, we make sure to provide our clients with the best deals for their money. Our services include sales and rent outs of fleet of yachts. At Premium VIP Yacht Charters, we pay attention to details and provide a complete set of services required for maintenance and transportation of yachts. We are committed to long-term relationships with our customers, partners, and suppliers by delivering value over time in the most cost-effective manner possible using established business processes. We offer a variety of yachts for various purposes and price ranges, from leisure cruisers to racing yachts. From the design of the hull to the finish of the interior, our yachts are a delightful mix of style and functionality. Simply get in touch with us for a yacht that suits your needs perfectly.

Why Buy Used Yachts?

Buying used yachts has various benefits. First of all, yachts are expensive so you can save a lot of money buying an used one. If it’s not just for you but your family, then the situation is even better. You can spend the money saved on other important stuff. In fact, you can choose your wanted yacht from the available ones and buy it. Moreover, if you want to be a yacht Captain just to make money, then buy the most affordable yacht you can get. If the yacht is in good shape, it works fine. In fact, yachts can be rented out as well.

In short, It is not a bad idea to buy a used yacht when you plan to buy a yacht. You will be able to pay the monthly instalments and even the total amount at the end of the contract period. If you decide to sell your yacht after few years, you will be able to recover the money that you paid for the yacht. That is because leasing companies will be willing to pay good amount of money for a new yacht. So, if you purchase a used yacht, you will be able to save a good amount of money.

How Can We serve?

Premium VIP Yacht Charters offers the best and cheapest used yachts for sale in Dubai. We are operating in Dubai since past 10 years. Our performance speaks for itself. With over 1,000+ of satisfied customers, we have seen a huge demand for our used boats. Our yachts are in great condition and looks as much as new. Only handled by trained crew, our yachts are great to buy at reasonable prices. We offer a great range of luxury yachts at best possible prices. Whether you are looking for a small yacht or large enough to accommodate a dozen people, we have the perfect one for you. Our team of experts helps you with every aspect of buying a yacht from providing information about its features and maintenance to arranging finance options and delivery anywhere in the world. We can make a yacht available at your convenience, just contact us today and we will get back to you.

Tips to Buy the Best Used Yacht

Buying a yacht is very exciting, there are many tips and tricks of the trade that you will learn while you are visiting any shipyards and brokers. But before you make the final decision, there are a few tips that you should know:


When considering a purchase of a yacht, keep in mind all possible fees associated with it. This includes but is not limited to: moorage fees, fuel fees, insurance fees, maintenance fees and equipment costs such as safety supplies, tenders and anchors. Building your budget with these elements in mind will ensure that you can adhere to realistic cost projections.


It all depends on how far and how fast you wish to go. You’ll need to carefully consider your travel specifications to determine how much fuel and water-holding capacity the yacht will need. If you want to spend a lot of time at sea, go with a model that offers better fuel consumption as well as protection against the elements.

Yacht Size

If you're considering buying a used yacht, it's important to take a good long look at the size of the boat. The bigger it is, the more fuel it requires and the harder it will be to navigate. You should also try to buy a yacht from someone who knows how to sail so that you can have some help out on the water when you need it!