Moonlight II

Anniversary / Proposal Package

Regardless of the number of years spent together, an anniversary is a moment to celebrate and cherish that calls for a private luxury yacht charter. Seven Yachts gives couples the opportunity to celebrate their special day royally through an amazing yacht tour. Rent a yacht to explore various exotic locations hidden around Dubai and Oman. We invite couples looking for a romantic yacht cruise experience in Dubai Marina to get our exclusive boat charter services.

Birthday Package

We know how important birthdays can be and hence, we have curated a unique private boat hire package for it. Celebrate with your beloved, in the true elegance and style of our luxury yacht rental service, by hosting your party aboard a private rental boat. When you rent a yacht from us, we promise outstanding service and an awesome yacht tour experience.

Corporate Party

The perfect way to close a business deal by impressing potential clients is a luxury yacht hire that sets the exotic location for corporate meetings. We also offer a wide range of party boat rental packages in Dubai Marina and across the UAE to host an excellent yacht tour for your corporate people. Avail of the best party yacht rental offers in Dubai with our extensive fleet of exemplary Sunseeker and Benetti yachts designed to impress.
My Serenity (Corporate Party) AED 18,520 + VAT
Benetti 50 (Corporate Party) AED 18,520 + VAT
Notorious (Corporate Party) AED 18,520 + VAT
Dolce Vita (Corporate Party) AED 18,520 + VAT

Formula 1

The Formula 1 Grand Prix Racing Event brings in hundreds of thousands of people from all corners of the globe. Take part in this epic 3-day blow out from the decks of the finest luxury yacht for hire in UAE. Watch Yas Marina light up as the Grand Prix unfolds and book with the number one brokerage in the market 3 years running.
Formula 1 | My Nouvari AED 180,000 + VAT
Formula 1 | Sunseeker 60 AED 280,000 + VAT
Formula 1 | Sunseeker 70 AED 380,000 + VAT
Formula 1 | 90 Guests Event Yacht AED 390,000 + VAT
Formula 1 | Sunseeker 90 AED 580,000 + VAT
Formula 1 | Aicon 90 AED 580,000 + VAT
Formula 1 | Majesty 105 AED 650,000 + VAT
Formula 1 | 107ft Gems AED 680,000 + VAT
Formula 1 | Medusa 105 AED 750,000 + VAT
Formula 1 | Dolce Vita AED 850,000 + VAT
Formula 1 | Majesty 124 AED 850,000 + VAT
Formula 1 | 120 Guests Event Yacht AED 950,000 + VAT
Formula 1 | Sunseeker 116 AED 1,000,000 + VAT
Formula 1 | Saffuriya AED 1,250,000 + VAT
Formula 1 | Benetti 50M AED 1,400,000 + VAT
Formula 1 | 175ft Finesse AED 1,500,000 + VAT
Formula 1 | 164ft Super Yacht AED 1,500,000 + VAT
Formula 1 | Sunseeker 131 AED 1,500,000 + VAT


British Fairline 82 AED 40,000 | 24h
NedShip TANYA 107 AED 80,000 + VAT
Sunseeker 131 AED 180,000 + VAT
Numarine Dolce Vita 108 AED 80,000 + VAT
Peri Saffuriya 125 AED 160,000 | 24h
Sunseeker 116 AED 160,000 | 24h
Palmer Johnson 130 AED 180,000 | 24h
Moonlight II AED 180,000 | 24h

New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve is one of the most celebrated events each year. What better way to celebrate and watch the infamous Dubai Fireworks Display than on a luxurious Yacht in Dubai, sitting back with champagne and watching the sky light up.
New Years Eve – Azimut 50 AED 40,000 + VAT
New Years Eve – Sunseeker 64 AED 60,000 + VAT
New Years Eve – Fairline 82 AED 95,000 + VAT
New Year’s Eve – Azimut 90 AED 95,000 + VAT
New Years Eve – Predator 95 AED 120,000 + VAT
New Years Eve – Dolce Vita 108 AED 150,000 + VAT
New Years Eve – Baglietto 105 AED 150,000 + VAT
New Years Eve – 80 Guests CB Marine AED 180,000 + VAT
New Years Eve – 120 Guests Event Yacht AED 200,000 + VAT
New Years Eve – TANYA 107 AED 200,000 + VAT
New Years Eve – Super Yacht 164 AED 250,000 + VAT
New Years Eve – Sunseeker 131 AED 250,000 + VAT
New Years Eve – Sunseeker 116 AED 275,000 + VAT
New Years Eve – STEALTH AED 350,000 + VAT
New Years Eve – Benetti 164 AED 350,000 + VAT

Yacht Party Dubai

Packages party AED 300,000 + VAT
Party Packages AED 150,000 + VAT

Zaya Nurai

A hidden gem in the beautiful waters of the Arabian Gulf off the coast of Abu Dhabi, Zaya Nurai Island is a private resort that is sure to take your breath away. With a glamorous arrival via one of our luxurious yachts, you will have full access to the resort Spa, restaurants and range of water sports.
From antiquity to modern times, the pristine blue waters of the Persian coastline have always brought in traders and travelers from all around the globe. We here at Seven Yachts, strive to offer our customers with an unforgettable VIP-style experience onboard our luxurious cruising vessels. From the 64ft Daydream and 70ft My Serenity to the 124ft Rodriguez and 164ft Benetti, our yacht rental inventory consists of some of the best-reviewed luxury yachts in the business. Whether you are looking for a full day charter to Abu Dhabi, a romantic sunset dinner cruise, or a 3-day expedition of Oman, make your pick from our competitively priced packages. Our team shall always be on hand to cater to your every request and to provide you with the perfect cruising experience. To know more about our available packages or to place your booking, reach out to us on +971 56 784 5848.