Are you yearning for an adventurous and memorable vacation? Dubai, a place known for tall buildings and fancy shopping malls also contains some hidden treasures there. With a Dubai Yacht Tour, you can find all these hidden gems in Dubai. 

In this blog, we will make it easier for you to know how having a Dubai yacht tour can help you to find all the cool places in Dubai so that you can have an incredible adventure. 

Fancy Yacht For Dubai Tour 

Imagine yourself sitting back and relaxing on a really comfortable yacht. It’s not just any boat but it’s a fancy yacht! With a fancy yacht in Dubai, you can enjoy cruising through the super clear water around the city. 

Besides, having a Dubai yacht tour will make it possible for you to experience a super chill vacation right there on the water. You will also be able to take in the beauty of the waves and the refreshing breeze. With a fancy yacht, this is just the beginning of an incredible adventurous trip in Dubai. 

Hidden Places To Explore In Dubai 

Looking to enjoy the best hidden spots in Dubai? The spots that you can visit while on a Dubai Yacht Tour are below;

Palm Jumeirah

Do you know anything about the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai? This place is like a giant palm tree but it is designed and built by the people. Moreover , this big palm Island is not just about the attractive appearance but there, you will find multiple fancy hotels and houses. 

However, the best way to visit Palm Jumeirah is by yacht. When you explore this place from a yacht, you can see clearly the beauty of this island by having a front-row seat to all the fanciness.

Dubai Water Canal

Dubai Water Canal is another adventurous spot in Dubai where you can explore the city from a different angle. In other words, Dubai Water Canal is a busy place that is also known as the beating heart of the city. On your Dubai Yacht Tour, you will be able to see and enjoy the tall buildings and cool neighbourhoods of the City. 

Moreover, this amazing tour will help you to keep an eye out for attractive cafes and artsy things that the city is hiding along the way.

Bluewaters Island

People who are looking to have an amazing time enjoying the sunset vibes should plan to go on the Dubai Yacht Tour. When the sun starts to set, they make it possible for you to capture some incredible sunset moments on Bluewaters Island. 

This place is not just about a massive wheel called Ain Dubai but it provides the chill vibe when the sky turns all colourful. On such a beautiful journey, your yacht turns into a magical place surrounded by quiet water and a beautiful sky.

Al Sufouh’s Lagoon

The Dubai Yacht Tour makes it possible for people especially for nature lovers to escape the noisy environment of a busy city. It takes you to Al Sufouh’s Lagoon which is known as nature’s hideout. Moreover, it’s like a secret spot with trees and clear water. It is now possible to become a nature explorer, since the Dubai Yacht Tour helps in showing you a quiet side of Dubai.

Meeting Dolphins and Turtles

Can you imagine enjoying the view of dolphins swimming next to your Yacht? They are among the most adorable and appealing marine animals. Watching them jumping and playing around your Yacht is going to be fun. Moreover, by observing carefully, you can also spot a turtle there. With a yacht rental Dubai, you can experience the best nature surprises


The Dubai Yacht Tour is not just a fancy ride but it’s your ticket to find out all the amazing stuff that might be hiding in Dubai. From fancy islands to secret nature spots, each stop will be like a new adventure. So, it is always best to make up your mind and go on a Dubai Yacht Tour to enjoy the beautiful ride. This unforgettable yacht ride is going to show you all the cool and hidden places that play an important role in making Dubai an amazing place.